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Craft: the poor man’s flower box


There’s a major difference between “old and mismatched” and “rustic and eclectic.” ┬áThat difference? Branding.

So here’s my rustic and eclectic take on a flower box. This super-easy craft was made using an old palette my neighbors left out and ~$8 supplies from Michaels.

You’ll need 4 apothecary jars – I split between short and tall, round and square, for variety – but whatever, if you’re a jar hoarder, like my mother, just use what you have. You also need 2 bunches of fake flowers. Bunches are the cheapest way to buy fake flowers, and there’s usually some on clearance for being “out of season” (who gives a crap). I mixed a white geranium bunch with some helpfully labeled “summer blossoms” that were a combination of blue and green blossoms and a baby’s breath.

I split both bunches into four sections and cut them off the bunch (this is harder than you would think, you’ll need an exactoknife or a box-cutter). Simply arrange to your asethetic (I’m saying that becaue I don’t know ANYTHING about arranging flowers) and put them in your teeny apothecary vases. For wide-lid jars, try a thin rubber band or bread tie to hold the flowers in a bunch instead of spreading out everywhere.

And voila! Rustic, eclectic chic and ready for Instagram. #summer #crafts #blessed #DoesAnyoneActuallyUseTheseNon-ironically?