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Youth Specialties and Other Unmerited Platforms

Purely in the interest of keeping all of my writing in one place, here is a link to my latest contribution to the Youth Specialities blog. It was their featured post last Friday (4/21) and has gotten some good traction on social media.

The irony of course being that 1) I have no idea what I’m talking about, and 2) it was something I cobbled together and submitted late because I was out of time.

Speaking of things that people read that I’m not confident about, CYMT donors and supporters, be on the lookout for an article in your newsletter by yours truly about the first year of the Texas region (I will post it separately later), and feel free to check out this little profile of me in Austin Seminary’s newsletter.

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Do Less: A (No)Programmatic Answer to the Spring Slump

I had the opportunity through a CYMT connection to contribute to the Youth Specialties blog. Youth Specialties is a big youth ministry thing you would know about if you cared about youth ministry things.

Speaking of youth ministry things – here’s my first post as a contributor for Youth Specialties, you can tell its important because its tagged as “uncategorized”- actually though, its about spring programming, self-restraint, and breaking the temptation to program our way into relevance as youth pastors.

You can read it (oooh or like or tweet it!) at this link!

The Importance and Normalcy of Doubt

Last week’s blog post for work: Doubt.

I gave a talk oriented around these ideas to a group of around 20 of the youth I work with, and had giant sticky notes on the wall with the 3 questions (Today, what can’t you believe? Today, what can you believe, but doubt? and Today, what can you believe?”) written on them. The answers that emerged were powerful, heart-breaking, and poignant, as teenagers often prove they have the capacity to be.

They doubt God’s providence in death, they doubt their own forgiveness, but they believe that it will get better and they believe that this family will be there for them through it all.