Passing on Family Recipes: Teaching Prayer to Youth

Passing on Family Recipes: Teaching Prayer to YouthΒ is my Youth Specialities blog post this month, on teaching contemplative prayer and monastic practices to high school students.

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Youth Specialties and Other Unmerited Platforms

Purely in the interest of keeping all of my writing in one place, here is a link to my latest contribution to the Youth Specialities blog. It was their featured post last Friday (4/21) and has gotten some good traction on social media.

The irony of course being that 1) I have no idea what I’m talking about, and 2) it was something I cobbled together and submitted late because I was out of time.

Speaking of things that people read that I’m not confident about, CYMT donors and supporters, be on the lookout for an article in your newsletter by yours truly about the first year of the Texas region (I will post it separately later), and feel free to check out this little profile of me in Austin Seminary’s newsletter.