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Blog Re-imagination

As you may have noticed, my blog has a new look, and a new name! The original was created specifically to help money for my time overseas and then share my experiences once I got there. I loved keeping the blog and sharing my journey with friends and loved ones. Now that I’ve been home six months and had lots of new adventures, getting married, moving to Texas, finding a job, I realized I missed the creative outlet, but felt like the blog as a spiritual travel journal has run its course. I wanted something more agile, and less serious. All the old posts are still here, and I’m sure that my followers will still be subjected to a 3,000 word ramble here or there but it will no longer be the norm.

Here are some other things going on in my life I DO intend on blogging about: the books on youth ministry I’m reading, the wonderful weirdness of being a newlywed, this 5k my husband and I are training for, and my process of learning to cook. Consider this my virtual bullet journal, you’re welcome to come along 🙂