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A Romans 12:15 Kind of Office

My name is Kat Davies, and come September, I will be moving to South Asia to spend a year serving as the Communications Intern in one of International Justice Mission’s largest field offices. Click on the “About IJM” page, or go to their website to learn more about this amazing organization. In this blog, I plan to keep you updated, on my preparations, on the work, and how on Earth God could use someone like me in His will for justice in the world.

I’ll start from the beginning – my very first day of my summer internship with IJM in 2013. That day, God planted the seed that got me here. I’ll be posting often about IJM’s work, the issue of slavery in the developing world, and my preparations over the next couple months, but I can’t imagine starting this blog with anything other than the experience that inspired me to do it in the first place.

It was a little over a year ago today that I first walked into International Justice Mission’s office. I was overwhelmed by the caliber of people, the quality of the work, and how I could possibly be of any use. I stepped into 11:00 prayer on that first day, head spinning with names and dates and instructions on setting up my office phone. 11:00 prayer is a daily practice where everyone in the office stops everything, and gathers to pray for the work. Immediately after we settled in, a tall, broad-shouldered man, with gray hair, stood up. He grabbed the back of the chair in front of him and explained with a grim intensity that IJM investigators and police were going into a rock quarry as he spoke to try to free several dozen slaves. He asked for prayers that the quarry owners wouldn’t be tipped off and that the operation might be successful.

I looked around the room as everyone listened carefully to the man, and then diverted their attention completely to the next request. I was in shock. This was for real. There were really people, people I now worked alongside, covertly freeing slaves this very moment. No one else seemed to be reacting like I was – I was baffled.

And then I realized that’s because this is what this place is like every day. When you work at IJM, the oppression and freedom of human lives, the work of God, miracles, become your reality. Over the next two months, I came to accept that, but I, and no one in that office, ever lost their wonder. Day after day the faithfulness of God was demonstrated. While we poured all of our meager abilities into our work, God worked miracles.

11:00 prayer, and the entire office, rang of Romans 12:15, “rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with those who mourn.” IJM celebrated the victories God worked, and when our teams or clients suffered, we suffered. Over the next 2 months in those prayer meetings, there was applause and groaning, head shaking, loud cheering, and tears of every origin. We all did different things, and we all worked our tails off in that office, but in the end, we were all working together, towards the same goal.

When I first heard of IJM, people told me that their goal was to end slavery in our lifetime. I smiled and nodded interestedly. When I went to work there, I realized 2 amazing things; first, that they meant that with all of their hearts and truly believed it was possible, and second, that God was with them, and because of that, that goal could be possible.

Working at IJM, even for a few short months, changed my life. It is with the urging of God, the support of loved ones, and a heart that takes comfort only in how much stronger He is in my weakness, that I head back into His work of justice alongside them.


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